sgnls II released on FDH / P-Trash Records!

Blind Prophet release sold out

The SGNLS self titled LP via is completely sold out! We still possess a few copies but they are almost gone.

coming soon to a city near you...

Infest - 2012

Europe 2012

Show moved to the Level Room

Remember to kick it over...

Recent fun...

So summer's in full swing and we've all been having a great time. Tony & Kellzo are painting houses and Paul is doing web development. (Need a website? Checkout We played a great show with Stinking Lizaveta at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. I can't remember the name of the Priest cover band we played with, but they were amazing, and the Cowards had us all floored. We decided to drive home that night and stopped at a diner on Route 30 where a soldier held the door open for us on the way in, there were jukeboxes at every table, and the waitress spilled coffee everywhere without cleaning it up or apologizing, let alone smiling (what can I say - it was very late). I love America. (Don't quote me on it.) Recording has been plagued by equipment fritz and we've been working on new material. All in all, summer is on and life is good.

Friends Across America Tour (WTFTW)

Well, our spring tour to Austin was a great success, despite a lot of last minute booking. We called it the Friends Across America Tour, and the WTFTW tour, both. I guess that's how life goes. Everywhere you look you find friends and the world is a mess. Touring with Drums Like Machine Guns was awesome. I really appreciated Tony's commentary on the world of noise music: “I had no idea there was a scene that's so specific and so big.” Thank you DLMG, and thank you noise music! And thanks to everyone who booked us shows, put us up, got us drunk, played in bands and had a good time. Check out the gallery for photos.

Back in the Lab

So, for the last month and a half we've been hard at work on our newest release: a full length album that has been coming together awesome. We're hoping to clear our backlog of un-recorded material. We're getting there - we have about six tracks in the works. A couple songs remain unrecorded due to some equipment issues (some faulty signal processing with the mixer, maybe?). Anyway, we're putting together a few rough cuts this weekend and are looking for someone to release this for us, if you  happen to own a record label (or want to start one).

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